AECCA/DECCA – Master of Static Electricity!

(Akka rampant from issue 15, Eastside Transversal)

"Master" might be an exaggeration. Aecca/Decca's corpus acts as a super magnet for static electricity, turning him into an overloaded (and grumpy) battery of useless electrical power. Rubber socks and, for social occasions, thin strips of rubber super-glued to his fingertips allow him to live a relatively normal life. Once a level-headed guy, Aecca gets pretty edgy because of his condition and a diet consisting largely of coffee and beer. And a world filled with slowness and obstacles. Dedicated diarist. Adequate DIY bike mechanic. On-the-fly battalion cook extraordinaire. Can be a bit of a bully. Probably the closest thing the housemates of the High Style have to a leader, largely due to being the loudest voice. Second-story bedroom, overlooking front yard (this would be called the "master" bedroom if the house were for sale).

(Akka collects dough for a beer run, from issue 13, With Heights and Malt Liquor)

(Akka holds out on Jerry, from issue 3, the Cold Beer War)