EL HUMIDOR – Smoke-Mentalist of the Sky Pirates!

(Introduce yourself, Hummy [from issue 10, Creet])

Not an actual sky pirate. A self-styled citizen of the world, he speaks with bizarre accents and rhythms, reflections of somewhat confusing social and cultural origins. He talks and thinks like he's part of several elaborate fantasies happening at the same time. Never been employed. El Humidor is an adept fumokinetic – he can control smoke with his mind. (Usually the smoke exhaled from smoking an Oggie brand cigarette). Typically creates smoke-figurines which play out escapist fantasies. Favorite themes involve biplanes, dirigibles, and general airborne adventure. Also, generic fantasy and 1950s-style pin-ups. Humidor's skinny and wears whatever was cheapest at the surplus store, usually Swiss, Czech, and other army gear from tiny, boring, socialist-type countries. Average day consists of being the last to wake up, drinking coffee made from left-over grounds, laying on the couch smoking, foraging in the streets for dropped change and returnables, laying on couch. Terrible with directions. Owns a van he calls the 'Valiant,' which he apparently 'won' from someone in a game of Magic. Obsessed with hanging out at the Pillbox Tavern during afternoon hours, with the godawful old Liverspot Gang daycrowd (they tend to buy him at least two beers, for reason unknown). Quick healer, in the event of a hangover. Second story bedroom, overlooking side yard.

(El Humidor waxes rhapsodic from issue 13, With Heights and Malt Liquor)

(El Humidor returns with the spoils of war, from issue 11, Citizens Emerge)