JERRY RIG – Furniture Roboticist!

(Jerry Rig cracks the case from issue 2, Poisoned)

Abrasive inventor, most recently of miniature robotic doll furniture, or furnimicrobots, which are despised and feared by El Humidor. Ambiguously ambitious, demonstratively and demonstrably delusional. One-time worker in the G.I. Joe motor pool. Lonely lover of wordplay. A heavy-set guy in sweatpants and, all too often, a lab coat. Can never keep a thought to himself and wears Pokemon gear like it’s something to be proud about. Fanny packs in public. World's Biggest Fan: Hot Pockets. Sucks at Contra. Former member of agony rock band Send More Cops. Chairman: High Style logo committee. Second story bedroom, overlooking back yard.

(Jerry commands the troops from issue 8, Field Tactics for Urban Recluses)

(Jerry's got a hangover, from issue 14, Rags and Bones)